The Most Used Open Source Slack Alternative

The communication tool is very important in any kind of collaborative environment. The type of communication depends on the situation, it could be email communication for mailing, Git or Subversion for version control, collaborative authoring needs wiki or Etherpad, shared task list for organizing the workflow, or full-fledged project management suite. Another tool that can be used for collaboration is team chat. The open source slack alternative can use team chat as a tool, wherein your colleagues who might be sitting in another room or in other city or country can communicate in real time which will enable the conversation to be faster, easier and will surely help in reducing confusion that often emerges due to asynchronous communications.

One needs to have complete concentration and uninterrupted space to work on important projects. By using the open source slack alternative one can use two collaboration tools, but the notifications are silenced so that you can check periodically when you take a break from your work.

slack alternative

The Slack has become famous among the software developing circles and leads to displacement of many tools. Slack is one of the closed sources of SaaS tool. The open source slack alternative will help you to ensure sole control over the communication between your team.

Mattermost is one of the modern approaches to team chat, known as the open source slack alternative. Mattermost is written with JavaScript under React framework. The feature of this slack is private and public chats which also includes one to one chat communication with good support of storing messages. If you are using any other slack then you can import your data from the current channel to mattermost. The most unique feature of mattermost is that you are able to upload video, images or sound directly from mobile which enables you to work efficiently. The license of mattermost is under Apache-wrapped AGPL.